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Wipe the day away

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Wipe the day away

This blog post is for all you make-loving ladies out there just like me, who needs to clear of the day’s make-up every evening as a part of the bedtime routine. So, far any one who loves a long lasting lipstick this whether for everyday or just over the weekends this product I am featuring here is going to be your bestie.

This Nu Colour waterproof make-up remover is not only for your lips but also the eyes and it’s even ophthalmologist tested which means it’s suitable for contact wearers. This I think makes such a difference comparing to other similar eye make-up removers on the market today. More reasons why you should use it, is that it leaves lips and eyelids looking smooth and soft. There is no greasy residue and it’s fragrance-free and formulated with sensitive skin in mind.

What’s good to know is also it has a bi-phasic formula consisting of oil and water layers as you can see with the blue oily layer and the water looking layer. The oil layer helps break down makeup and the water layer helps remove residue and leaves skin feeling refreshed. Shake them together to activate the formula and it’ll be ready to go. Then apply the liquid to a cotton pad and hold the cotton pad in place for a few seconds before gently wiping away makeup from your eyes and lips.

I simply love it together with the wonderful 12 hour long lasting PowerLips Fluid Lipsticks because it literally wipes it away in seconds. It’s the best lip remover product I have tried and I don’t use any other on my lips. It leaves your lips so soft and colour free in no time.


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