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Why I Travel

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Why I Travel

Who doesn’t love to travel, go on a vacation and see new places in the world. It’s so nice to experience something different from home and to get away from the daily life and busy routine. I know most people do but most people also love returning home again after a nice break.

For me it’s always been different and it started when I was just a young girl going on Summer vacation with the family. I loved it so much but whenever it was time to pack and go back home I was so sad and really didn’t want to go – I wanted to stay.  I never really knew why I felt that way, I just knew I didn’t want to go home, not at all.

Even as a girl I realized how big and exciting the world was outside the land of Denmark and I guess, I felt my country was too small for me. Don’t get me wrong Denmark is a nice place but to me it was just too small – I knew I wanted to travel and go out and see those places I only saw on TV and in magazines.

Over time travelling wasn’t enough I wanted to move abroad, so I did – I have lived in Italy and America. Those years have become some of the most important years of my life and I can only recommend it to others. Try at some point in life to move abroad to a new country, new city, new home, new people, new culture, new language – you learn more about life and yourself than any academic institution could ever teach you.

Coming back to travelling, I have travelled to most of the European countries and been to so many states from East, Middle and West Coast of America and I will admit that America is my absolute favorite place to travel to. I can’t explain it other than, when I’m in the US it just gives me this special feeling, which is a really nice feeling. I’ve had so many different and great experiences in the US which are memories I will have forever and am so grateful for.

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