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Perfume Bar

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Perfume Bar

It’s so good to be back, I know it’s been a while since my last blog post. I guess sometimes life comes in the way and days turn into weeks and suddenly a month has passed, it’s amazing how fast life passes by sometimes. This is exactly why it’s so important to be living and not just be an audience in life as it passes. Anyway, I also managed to get hit by a very bad flu and cold over a week ago and in these covid times I did a test but it was negative so no covid but a good old-fashioned bad flu and cold in once. I will be honest and say it knocked me down but good thing is I only get these like once every 8-10 years. I was just thinking and last time was in 2012, so guess it was my time again to be 4 days in bed but now I’m back again.

So, just a few days before I went down sick I was actually in this wonderful perfume boutique called Sens Bar a Perfume located in Puerto Banus close to Marbella, Spain. I was out on a stroll with a friend looking at the Christmas lights in the harbour and suddenly we came across this stunning perfume shop. We decided to have a look inside and get a “perfume tasting” and what an amazing experience that was. I simply have to share this with you all as it’s so unique and one of a kind of perfume shop in all of Spain. We all know “wine tastings” which I love by the way since I’m a huge wine lover but a “perfume tasting/smelling” was brand new for me, I’ve never tried that before and if you love perfumes like me, this is something you have to try someday.

We sat in that perfume bar for over an hour being served by the most lovely and knowledgeable staff I’ve ever met in the perfume world. It was so nice sitting in the gorgeous perfume bar and being served one perfume after another after another and another, I lost count at some point so I will probably say I smelled over 30 perfumes, maybe even more. And also I need to mention the ambiance is just stunning in that perfume shop, so wonderful and warm and cosy yet chic and beautiful. Just love that shop! The two staff we were served by was so friendly, accommodative and polite, they really made you feel so welcomed and even got us water and told us the story of this boutique.

This perfume boutique is just a few years old and already had an award for winning as the best perfume shop in all of Spain. How amazing is that and such a compliment to the owner who we met as well, he was there working in the shop along his staff. Such a humble and nice man and of course I did find my two favourite perfumes and one of them is the most expensive one on the shop. Typically me, it would be nice to have a “cheaper” preference sometimes 🙂 They have over 400 different perfumes and 52 fragrance brands, so it doesn’t matter what taste you have there will at least be a few perfumes for you in this exclusive shop. It wad so nice to get to know some of these brands and hear their story and origin.

All I can say is, if you are looking for a unique perfume experience and looking to find either your own sent or want to buy a present, then this is definitely the place to go to. No better perfume experience will you find and again for more information you can always check out “Sens Bar a Parfume” – its a true luxury perfume bar experience.

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