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Negativity vs Positivity

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Negativity vs Positivity

I wanted to share with you this thought about how different life experiences can be whether you come from a negative or positive perspective. I recently had this experience of a person having a negative mindset and therefore negative words and actions without even being aware of it. This really puzzles me especially if its a new encounter and it doesn’t even matter if its private, business or whatever the situation is, I just don’t understand what people think any kind of negativity brings with it.

In this situation, at first I was confused and didn’t really get what was going on. But as the negativity continued I got to a point where it just became too much. I knew either to stay silent as we know, sometimes it’s just best to leave without a word or to stick around and speak up. I finally decided to speak up knowing I was heading into a confrontation not knowing what outcome it would bring or what reaction I would get.

To my surprise this person wasn’t aware of the negative behavior or so claimed to be and said it wasn’t done intentionally. I know the world and people are busy and stressed today but not to be aware of own negative behavior just strikes me. What you put out into the world is what comes back to you or as the usual saying goes; what goes around comes around.

I guess my point with this story is that I just find it sad when a negative experience could and should have been a positive one. Especially when its the result of a persons own lack of self-awareness and behavior. Being and always practicing positivity myself and having self-awareness it always puzzles me when encountering people who has no interest in this matter. It shows whether people have an open or closed mindset, or as my favorite coaches/mentors say; having a fixed or growth mindset.

This just shows the difference between negativity vs positivity – way too many people are lacking self-confidence and feel threatened for no reason. Instead of working on themselves they lash out on people who possess what they wish they had. Taking the easy road in life will never make you happy or give you what you really want.

In the end, I will speak up when something doesn’t feel right and even though confrontations can be uncomfortable it just needs to be done anyway. Positivity always wins, having an open mindset focusing on own personal growth and development in becoming the best possible version of yourself while learning more each year you can’t go wrong in life – that’s my mindset and lifestyle, I hope you practice the same 🙂


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