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Monk vs. Monkey Mind

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Monk vs. Monkey Mind

I think it’s time for another book review, it’s been awhile since my last one but I just finished this amazing book here “Think like a monk” by Jay Shetty. I have been following Jay Shetty for a couple of years now on social media and right away I just resonated with him, his views and his advice and have been looking to him when ever I wasn’t feeling well in my mind and straight away you can implement his wonderful yet simple strategies for feeling better and most important at peace within yourself.

This is a big book and takes while to go through but wow… its an eye opener even for me who have been doing self improvement, self development and personal growth for a couple of years now. This book honestly shows the difference between two types of mindset that we as people have, one is great and the other not great at all. What I love the most is that it’s not just about yourself but as you start reading through the chapters you can even recognise people you know in his personality descriptions, so this book even helps you in relation to other people.

First and foremost it gives you simple life hacks that you can easily implement in your daily life which as any other routine will have a positive effect and you will start to learn and transform your mindset to the better. It’s actually small things that seem so simple and you think for a second, why am I not doing this already but as we know life get in the way and we are so programmed now in our daily busy life that even small changes can seem to be too much because when and where should you find the time. But when you measure down who you spend your 24 hours in a day you can actually makes small daily changes that will have a powerful impact over time.

What I love the most is who Jay Shetty illustrates people living with a monkey mindset and how we all can change our mindset to the monk mindset and live a more peaceful life. The difference between the money and monk mindset is blowing and definitely a helping hand for many people in the stressful world we live in today. Roughly I would say that 90% of people are living with a monkey mindset and unfortunately only 10% are living with the monk mindset. You may say, well what is the difference and its actually a lot of things from how you think, behave, talk, react, feel and you carry yourself trough life – so it’s many small things but overall it becomes how we life our life and how you can make several small changes to train your mindset to become the peaceful monk mindset. Now, the monk mindset isn’t just about peace but about who you live your daily life and how you can grow and live with intention and purpose every single day finding pleasure even in the small things.

I love this book and will re-read it every time I should feel down and get that uneasy feeling of a peaceful heart. I will say that if every person on earth read this book the world would become a better place. It forces you to look within yourself and how you can make small changes and become a better person not just for your own sake too also for the people and society around you. It’s not just about ourselves but who we can give back to our community and feel better about ourselves as well.

If we all could stop for a second, read this book and then resume life I know we would all have a much better day and a lot less negativity in the world. So if you need a little TLC and looking ahead as we also are getting through this covid pandemic this book is for you. It’s all about becoming a better you and living a better lifestyle going forward with peace and purpose just like a monk 🙂

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