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“Me Time”

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“Me Time”

Weekends are wonderful, I think we can all agree on that – of course, now during these lockdown times due to Covid-19 maybe the weekends are not that much fun to look forward to as it’s difficult to make any plans or go out. For me weekends have always been about unwinding and having a chance to relax and do the things I don’t have time to during the busy week. I like to have a somewhat open schedule and not many plans lined up. If the weekend is a full schedule like Monday to Friday I get stressed out and don’t like such weekends, again.. that is not a weekend for me. I need my “Me Time”.

I guess it can sound kinda selfish to need my “Me Time” but actually it’s not, I see it as a way to connect with yourself and spend time with yourself alone. I know people who would do anything in the world to avoid having that but for me I love it and cannot live without it. If I don’t get to have my “Me Time” over the weekend I get frustrated and confused. I need to have this space in time to unwind, relax, forget about the world and whatever is on my mind and be able to just spoil myself doing small things that really make me feel good about myself. I also call it my “Pamper Time” because I love to take good care of myself and doing things that make me feel and look my best.

From this “Self Care Menu” consisting of 12 amazing different things you can do to treat yourself I have my 8 favorites and I will share them with you here. I would very much like to add a 9th to my list of weekend self care and I am working on it, it’s all about habits and getting them to be incorporated into your routines.

Here below you have must “Self Care Menu” for every weekend:

  • Exercise
  • Read a book
  • Mani / Pedicure
  • Facemask
  • Watch a movie
  • Tea & pastry
  • Create something
  • Call a friend

This is how it looks right now, my exercise is 9k beach walks along the beautiful paseo from Marbella to Puerto Banus and back again. I love starting my morning on the beach listening to the waves and getting fresh air. I’m currently reading this wonderful book by Jay Shetty “Think like a monk” and even though I’m hardly half way through I can already recommend it, it’s a must read book for anyone. As I have my own long natural nails they need a weekly touch up to keep them going and looking good. Since I work with skin care using amazing masks that works on your skin is another must for me. Watching a movie in bed with a snack is one of the best ways for me to relax and forget about everything for two hours. As I do have a sweet tooth, a green tea and pastry is perfect in the afternoon. In my online business there is always some marketing to create for social media and it’s fun doing it too, I really enjoy that. Lastly I always have my weekly call with my mom, we live in different countries so we are far apart and don’t get to see each other very often, so a good Skype call is a great way to connect and keep updated on each other.

This was just one example of how my “Self Care Menu” weekends look like, they change all depending on what is happening and it’s also good to spice them up from time to time so it’s not always the same and gets boring. I can only recommend it, so if you aren’t practicing your own “Self Care” or “Me Time” get started, you will love it like I do 🙂


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