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LumiSpa – Award Winner!

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LumiSpa – Award Winner!

I just have to share the wonderful news about my LumiSpa facial device, it has been named Best Cleansing Device for 2020 by Newbeauty magazine 🙂

Not to brag but its not the first time the LumiSpa wins over its other brush competitors on the worldwide market within the skincare industry. Already 2 years ago when the LumiSpa came to the market it won the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2018 and also The Beauty Awards 2018 with OK Magazine. Now, you may wonder what makes it so much better than the other facial cleansing devices out there, stay tuned and read on…

The LumiSpa has a special head unlike any other facial device which gives you so many benefits a brush device cannot do. A brush head device is not good or healthy for your delicate facial skin. The brush is unhygienic and difficult to clean properly, its abrasive and can irritate the skin, it can pull hair and cause discomfort and it does not deep clean the skin either. So, don’t rush for the brush – its not worth it if you really want a good facial cleansing device.

Back to the LumiSpa which has an amazing anti microbial silicone treatment head providing a deep clean and gives your skin 7 benefits during the 2 minute treatment. The silicone head is soft and comfortable on the skin, hygienic and so easy to clean, does not pull hair or damage skin, it cleans away dirt, oil, make-up and toxins. The 7 benefits the treatment also gives are; purified skin, improved skin density & volume, clarity, smoothness, softness, radiance and reduced pore appearance. And, the LumiSpa does more than all this it also comes with a special treatment cleanser specifically formulated for each skin type, so no matter what skin you have there is a cleanser right for you. Also, one more thing – the silicone head is available in 3 different types; soft, normal and firm so it can be adjusted to your skin type and give the best daily treatment morning and evening.

I love my LumiSpa and use it everyday morning and evening, I use the cleanser for oily skin as I have such oily skin and the “normal” head type which gives me the best treatment. One thing that also amazes me is how long the battery lasts, I only have to charge it once every 3 weeks. Once you’ve started with the LumiSpa you will never go back to the brush 😉

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