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Let’s do Green

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Let’s do Green

As you all know if you have been following me for a while and reading through my blog posts you know a healthy lifestyle both on the inside and outside is important to me. I wanted to share with you another area that is also close my heart and that is the environment and what we can do every day in our lifestyle to help save on waste and to try and do out best in keeping the environment green or at least as green as possible going forward.

I already love how the beauty company I’m partnering have taken several steps to becoming more environmental friendly with having made our brand new skin care line Nutricentials in bottles with reused material and since shopping is online it means we send all ordered products by carrier in packages. Our package boxes are also now made with 80% recycled brown paper and we are having more green initials coming in the future which is so important for me because just take a look at the recent weather events this July 2021 both in USA and here in Europe, massive wild fires and massive flooding showing all signs of the climate change we are dealing with.

As you can see in my fancy green blog posts picture I have now teamed up with as one of their influencers for #AdoptGreen to promote and create more awareness of their awesome site where you can shop all kinds of good green products for yourself and your home. It’s an amazing website where you can find eco-friendly products for everyday items and even better I have a promo code for you, it’s FJXX and you will get 10% off. What I love about this site is you can find so many amazing things there within clothing & accessories, baby & kids, travel, outdoors, audio & tech, pets, beauty & care, food and you can both shop on the site but also sell if you have some cool green products. is available is several countries around the world, check the list to see if your country is there and you are good to go to help getting some green products. You can even learn tips and tricks under the “zero waste” section how to have less waste in your busy daily lifestyle because it’s all about the many small daily things we do that end up making he bigger difference in the log run. I recycle my trash in 3 different bins, food – paper – plastic and watch my usage on electricity and water daily just to mention a few things that actually helps and makes me feel good to know I’m working on reducing my waste and usage to help our planet and environment. I hope you will join me and do your part too 🙂

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