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Nothing better than mud

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Nothing better than mud

I want to share with you my absolute favorite mask which I use every week, I simply cannot live without this amazing mud mask, the Glacial Marine Mud. I have oily skin and easily get break outs as well even as an adult and that is where this mask is the best ever. It’s such a life saver and you see and feel the results instantly. The skin is clear, soft, tight and any oil is gone and any break outs have been minimized completely. So, as a part of my extra skincare rituals over the weekend where I have more time available this one is my go to mask.

It’s made from mud from the Pacific Northwest in the US and contains 50 skin beneficial minerals such as copper, zinc, silver, magnesium and chromium. While this glacial estuary mud did not work for pottery, the Pacific Northwest indigenous people noticed it left their hands soft and smooth. That is actually to history of this wonderful mud. The mud absorbs impurities from the skin without robbing precious moisture. It deposits minerals into the skin and draws out the impurities which you can see on the color of the dry mud, absolutely amazing. It exfoliates and deep cleanses the skin, suck out excess oil, cleanse the pores and detoxifies the skin with zinc and sea botanicals.

This mud is so easy to use, you put a good layer on your face except the eye area and leave it one for 20 minutes. You will see how it dries by changing color and feels tight on the skin. After you just rinse if of using a facial sponge and warm water. That’s it, and you will feel the wonderful clean skin on your face. I have used this mud mask for 4 years now and will never stop – simply cannot live without it 🙂


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