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Hiking Marbella Mountains

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Hiking Marbella Mountains

I know Marbella my home town is known for many people around the world but probably not for being a great place to go hiking. The typical stereotype rumors of Marbella is it’s a party place, full of tourists, cosmopolitan fancy place for the rich and youngsters. Even attracting the wrong crowds of gangsters, drugs and people escaping from their homelands. Some will even say it’s not very Spanish while comparing it to the rest of Spain.

I will say Marbella is different but not a bad place at all, it’s a wonderful mix of absolutely everything from the local Spaniards who doesn’t even speak English, the Old Town which is the typical Spanish style village taking you back in time to the tourist areas with bars and restaurants onto the more wealthy areas with luxury villas, cars, shopping and over to nature lovers who enjoy golf, sailing, polo, tennis, padel sport to biking and hiking. This is what makes Marbella so unique, there is something for everyone no matter what you like and what you are into.

I was out yesterday morning on an easy hiking trail in the mountains just up behind the city of Marbella and look at this amazing view. How wonderful to be able to go hiking in December and enjoying a good exercise getting fresh air and looking at the most amazing views. There are different level hikes in the Marbella mountains, so whether you are into an east one or looking for a tougher steep slope you can do that too. There are so many hikes in the mountain range behind Marbella you can literally explore new ones all the time. Several of them also goes through either a waterfall or lakes, so you can go swimming as well in Summer time.

What I really love about hiking is being out in nature, it’s just so relaxing and recharging your energy. Getting away from the city and the daily life just for a few hours really gives you a break and to sit on a rock and just soothe the stunning views is so peaceful and a wonderful way to have a break to reset your thoughts. Also, in these difficult coved-19 times its even more important to take good care of yourself and enjoy the small and simple things in life. I think that is probably what this bizarre 2020 year can give as a life perspective.


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