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Get Stunning Natural Nails

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Get Stunning Natural Nails

I know so many people, not just women who aren’t happy with their nails and who also think going to nail salons for a natural manicure is time consuming and costly too. I am so lucky that I have natural healthy strong nails, so I can maintain them myself easily with a weekly light manicure.

I do know many like my mother suffer from thin, brittle soft nails which cannot grow long without braking and in general just doesn’t look or feel strong. My mom have been complaining about her nails for as long as I can remember and even though she does use nail products and nail polish she has just never been truly happy with them. I think we as women pay a lot of attention to our hands and honestly, when meeting new people we do look at hands and nails at first sight. So, I do believe as with everything else it’s important to be happy and satisfied with ourselves no matter what.

During the coronavirus lockdown a few months ago I mentioned to my mom our amazing new award winning nail care product Dr Dana Nailcare System again as we had it on discount and asked my mom to buy it online and try it out. I knew it would work because we have had so much positive feedback from other clients and mom bought it to give it a try – hey, why not, if you don’t try you don’t know.

Suddenly one day I got a phone call on Skype from my mom and she was so happy and smiling saying she feels like she just got new nails. She told me she had just tried out this nail care system for the fist time and she was so surprised over the stunning result she got. She said her nails look and feel so amazing and strong and she would now give her toenails a treatment as well. I love to hear from happy clients but when its your own family its just even better to know you have been able to help them and make them look and feel so much better while fixing a problem they have been dealing with for years.

Dr Dana Nailcare System er an easy 3 step system, first a nail product – second the 3 sided nail file – lastly a nail product to leave on the nails. That is it, so easy and simple and it only takes 10 minutes once a week to get the most beautiful, strong and healthy looking nails you deserve.

Best of all is the Spring promotion we had on this amazing nail care product is now coming back and this time it’s not going anywhere but staying for good. This means from 15 September 2020 and going forward the price is reduced by 40% – permanently! How amazing news is this 🙂 So, be ready and you will be able to have stunning nails too at a discounted rate.

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