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My favorite workout

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My favorite workout

I will be honest and say I love going to the gym, there are so many types of workout you can do whatever you are into there is something for everyone. I have over the past 5 years being a steady gym goer and really enjoy having it as a part of my lifestyle.

My favorite gym class is Bodypump – a strength training class lifting weights to awesome tracks and power music. It really gets you pumped and leaving the class completely sweaty and powered. Bodypump is a training class by Les Mills from New Zealand and is being trained in gyms around the world. Every 3 months a new release of the program comes out with new and different tracks and music, so you never reach a point of getting tired of it because it always changes.

What I also love about Bodypump is seeing and feeling the results of these hardcore classes. Many women are afraid of weight lifting because they don’t want to bulk up but that will never happen – only men get’s that way. But to see your thighs getting smooth and toned, your biceps and abs showing great results are so motivating for me. Also, the feeling of your body getting stronger and your energy level rising and knowing you are doing something good for your health is amazing.

I could not live without my fitness and gym practice – just having one week off and you can already feel a difference in your body just shows how important physical exercise and activity is. It really does impact your life and overall wellbeing more than you know.


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