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First Post-Covid Trip

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First Post-Covid Trip

I realised I actually didn’t get around to tell you about my first post-covid trip in the end of August. I guess after 1,5 year of not travelling or going anywhere I’ve gotten used to not writing about my trips anymore. It’s strange how quickly the world changed and what a bizarre year 2020 was in so many aspects of life with this new covid-19 disease, lockdowns, home confinement and not much socialising. Such a strange time non of us ever wanna go back to again and hopefully never will but we never know what the future holds or what is going to happen and in regards to covid-19 I’m glad we had no idea what 2020 was going to be like.

Now, post-covid more or less I had my first travel in the last week of August, it wasn’t just a Summer vacation week but it was also going to my home country of Denmark and to see my family for the first time in 1,5 years. It’s incredible how fast time flies and since I live in Marbella, Spain where we used to have flights 5 times a week to my destination in Denmark that had been discontinued and I had to book two flights with a layover in Copenhagen Airport. The good thing about that is for those of you who have not travelled to or through Copenhagen Airport is this airport is the nicest in Europe – its kinda like a mall or shopping centre full of stores, shops, restaurants and bars, it’s such a pretty airport and you never get bored waiting for hours on the next flight. I did get a little sad arriving there to see still many places closed down due to covid but happy to know these places will open up again.

Enough airport talk, finally arriving up north in Aalborg spending time with my family was really nice – how could it not be but funny thing was, it didn’t really feel like it had actually been so long since last I was them. That was a strange feeling because most looked the same but of course there were also some areas where I could feel I had missed out on some things. I don’t want to go into detail but as you can probably imagine its a bit of a personal area. Anyway, usually the weather in Scandinavia is not the best so its really a gamble because you never know what you will get, it’s either bad or good weather and thank God I had luck on my hand and most of the week it was nice and sunny so we could do outdoor trips. I love doing daily little trips out in nature and seeing things that has nothing to do with our daily life. For me, that is what vacation is all about – going away and doing different things in nature and relaxing and unwinding, which for me also means taking time off social media and my phone in general.

The picture you see here is how pretty the nature looks like in Denmark on a beautiful Summer day. We went on a daily trip, brought lunch with sandwiches and drinks and stopped by a bakery – again I haven’t even mentioned we have the absolute best bakeries in all of Europe in Denmark. It’s literally the best bread and cakes you can ever imagine and the one thing I do miss since living in Spain. Anyway, this picture shows you one of the natural water ponds where clean fresh water comes up from the underground every second of the day – that is the super clear blue areas in the picture. How cool is that, I also took a few videos of it where you can see the constant movement at the bottom of the pond. I don’t know about you but I love Mother Nature, whether it’s a big geyser in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA or a little natural water pond in Denmark. I just find it fascinating and what I love the most is how peaceful nature is. For anyone with any kind of anxiety, nervousness, stress or any other mental struggle I can only recommend going out in nature as much as possible, it really helps.

To round up my trip, I spend time up on the north west coast of Denmark where we have a great beach house, having my favourite Danish food and cakes, nature trips, spent time in the city – my home town of Aalborg and enjoying my niece’s confirmation day in church and the lovely lunch gathering the rest of that day. It was really a trip I much needed after so long with covid-19 troubles so a lovely break and hassle free trip with no problems. That is how a vacation trip should be, just easy, nice, comfy, relaxing and enjoying the small things in life – and remember to be grateful and thankful for the different aspects of life.

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