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Featured online

Don’t know about all of you but I love networking and going to network events. I have been doing this for years now around the world and I have met so many interesting people. That’s what I love about networking, meeting new people, connecting with likeminded whether it’s for business or friendship. I just find it so rewarding and as the saying goes “your network is your networth”… I couldn’t agree more.

I am, as you can see in the picture featured here on this website called which is an amazing website that assist families relocating across Europe. Here you can get advice and recommendations from expats in these 4 countries; Italy, Spain, Germany & France. I know myself what its like moving country as I have done it 3 times and it can be challenging not knowing the slopes.

Coming back to networking – I got featured with my business on this website because I went to a network event where I spoke to the owner behind this website. We had a great chat and she offered me a spot in the section “Women in Business” on her website. So yes, networking pays off in so many different ways and you can find me on under the headline “Women in Business” 🙂 Again, if I had stayed at home that night I would not have heard of this website, I would not have met the owner, I would not have been offered a spot in the headline “Women in Business” and I would not be seen on this website.

Just imagine what you chances in life you might be missing out on by not going to network events and putting yourself out there to meet people. You never know who you are going to meet and what changes it can do for you, your life, your business and your future. What you are doing today will create your future, choose wisely!


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