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Easter on the Beach

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Easter on the Beach

Happy Easter to you all 🙂 So glad at least this year we are not confined to our homes despite of covid still hanging around quite a lot. Last year Easter can cancelled just like my Christmas but so nice to be able to spend it outside in the Sun on the beach this year living the true Marbella lifestyle.

This is the such a classic picture of our Marbella lifestyle, lunch at a beach restaurant with your feet in the sand, sun on your face and views overlooking the beautiful blue ocean and clear blue sky. Outside dining in the warm and mild weather, DJ playing and also a live saxophone appearance getting you in party mood and people rocking along old as young, singles, couples and families with kids – everyone joining these wonderful afternoon lunches on Saturdays and Sundays. Just a great relaxed time with friends or loved ones enjoying food, drinks and music.

It truly has the vacay wipe so many people also come here for and I fully understand. Who wouldn’t like to enjoy Easter on the beach instead of being in for example London, Berlin or Copenhagen with most of the time bad cold weather sitting inside. I guess in these covid times its also reminder to us “locals” living here that we are quite blessed with these amazing surroundings we have and the beautiful views where ever we go. I do try to remind myself quite often of how lucky I am to be living in the beautiful vacation resort because as the years go by I can feel that you sometimes ten to forget the amazing surroundings we have here.

I hope you all have had a nice relaxing Easter weekend and enjoyed it with either family or friends. Again this year I could not be with my family which I am used to be also on a beach in a beach house but in Denmark instead. Let’s see, hopefully next year I will spend Easter with the fam again otherwise I will not mind another round of Easter on the beach.

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