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Diminish Lines & Wrinkles

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Diminish Lines & Wrinkles

I know for most women my age and even younger or older we all have this thing when waking up in the morning and suddenly you see a new fine line or wrinkle that has appeared overnight and it’s not really a great way to start the day. Ageing is a topic no one can steer out of and I think for most of us it’s also a sensitive area because who wants to look old, no one and certainly not older than what you really are.

Ageing comes in two ways, the genes we have inherited from our parents and then our lifestyle. I know there is not much we can do about our genes and I can only say for myself, I’m so lucky that in my family we all tend to look younger than what we really are. Talking about ageing that is an advantage because both myself and my parents can easily look 5-10 years younger than our age – I hope and pray this will keep on staying this way for me in the future cause I will be honest and say I’m terrified of wrinkles and looking old is just not want I want.

Another aspect that is so important in ageing as well is our lifestyle and I’m not just talking about our physical appearance but it’s also our mindset, behaviour and attitude. I think we all have met people where you just wonder what ever made then so old and having a feeling they are much older than what they actually are. It all boils down to our thinking and how we look at things. You can have a fixed or growth mindset, be open or closed minded, have a will to learn and improve your skills and knowledge and remember to have fun, be positive and laugh. So many people are so busy growing up and being so “adulty” that they forget the inner child and simply do not have much fun anymore. Our lifestyle is also about what we put into our body in form of the food and drinks we consume. That will either fuel you up and keep you going with energy and drain you and slow you down. The body is like an engine that also needs to move in form of exercise and it doesn’t matter what kind it can be walking, running, hiking, biking, gym, yoga, swimming etc. as long as you are active you will keep your body fit and youthful looking and feeling as well.

Now, onto the help we need a long the way when it comes to ageing and if you are like me not a fan of injecting toxins into your skin there are other natural ways to get a little help with the fine lines and wrinkles. I love this product here which is the True Face Line Corrector, its a peptide refining gel that helps with diminishing fine lines and wrinkles in specific areas of the the face. I use it every evening as a part of my skincare routine along with my facial device Galvanic Spa because combining these two products gives you the best and fastest results.

This facial smoothing gel works great on the eye area and that is where I am having my problems with lines and wrinkles and I can actually see that it does diminish them and that is so amazing and makes me feel so much better about my eyes. It’s so easy to use, you put on an amount of the gel under your eyes and outwards, then you install the Galvanic Spa device in program 3 with the small special area treatment head and this treatment is 5 minutes, so 2,5 minutes for each eye area. You start by putting the device onto the skin close to the nose and swipe it out and upward to lift and firm the delicate eye area. After 2,5 minutes you move over to the other eye and give it the same treatment. It’s best to do this in the evening so that the product and treatment can rest over night while you are sleeping and in the mornings I just use the gel after cleansing and toning my skin. This way you treat the eye area all day 24 hours to get the best results and I cannot live with out it.

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