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Fuller lips the natural way

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Fuller lips the natural way

Here is my absolute go-to daily product that I cannot live without and I have been using it for several years now – a simple lip gloss but it’s actually more than just a lip gloss because not only does it give you wonderful soft good looking lips it also has this amazing contouring affect to it. This means fuller and more bold lips the natural way 🙂

I ‘m not a fan of needles meaning botox, fillers and other not natural things being pushed into your skin or lips and I have never tried it. That is why I’m such a fan of this little lip gloss, it gives you the same effect but without needles. You can wear it alone which I do during the work week and spice it up with a color on top when going out.

The trick is not to use too much of it which means when you apply it only use as little as possible, that way you get the most effect and it also lasts 2 months. For me its the perfect match because not only do I want this amazing contouring effect but I have such dry lips and this keeps them moisture and hydrated – perfect with two results in one!

I do get asked about my lips from time to time and here is the answer, a wonderful lip gloss that gives both fuller and healthier looking lips, all kiss ready wuhu… 😉

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