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BossBabe Book Review

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BossBabe Book Review

If you have an aspiration of heading into entrepreneurship then you should read this great book by Jen Atkin – she made her way from hair salon receptionist to big time celebrity hairstylist and starting several companies. The book title sure makes up for the content of this book – how Jen Atkin blew her way to the top in the haircare business.

What I love about getting to know Jen Atkin in this book is her honesty about everything, she tells you her whole story from her childhood in Utah, family situation, upbringing and how her journey started out in Los Angeles. I love to get to know the person behind the book and you really do get that feeling with Jen She is super honest about herself, her work and what it took for her to get to where she is today. And best of all, is she delivers all this information in a fun and straightforward way which makes each chapter great to read. Its a mix of new information, hard work, dedication, fun and tips to how you can do it too.

This book isn’ t just about how Jen Atkin made it but she gives you many tips and ideas to what you can do if you have something you are passionate about and have this urge in your stomach to go for it and give it a try. No matter what it is Jen encourages all of us to go for it but she also makes it clear that you have to put in the hard and consistent work otherwise you will never get any results.

It’s a truly fun and inspiring book to read, not only do you learn all about Jen’s life and all her amazing businesses and celebrity clients and friends you also see how down to earth she is and that she really wants to inspire others to do the same as she. This book is full of great advice and positivity and is a must-read career guide to empower all reading the book. And again, you don’ have to be a hairstylist or into celebrities to enjoy and learn from this book – its for everyone out there wanting success and live out their dreams.

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