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Boost Your Collagen

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Boost Your Collagen

I know this topic my be more interesting for you ladies as we tend to be much more into our looks and preventing ageing and fine lines on our face. That said, more and more guys are also getting on this lifestyle of taking good care of themselves and looking fit and fresh longer as we all age. I will be honest and say its not been that long that I have been taking this collagen powder but I can certainly say ‘I’m on it and will not stop using it.

Having worked with skincare for years and treating my own skin with so many products over the years, I’ve known how the level of collagen in our skin diminishes as we age and how it already starts in young adulthood from around 25-30 years old. The number one reason for getting fine lines and wrinkles around the face, neck and other parts of our body a long with our genes from our parents also play a signifiant role in how we age. But least and not last we cannot forget how our daily lifestyle also plays a huge role in our looks, health and how we age – these 3 factors are the main role players into our ageing and how we can keep a youthful appearance longer.

Now, why take collagen peptides and what is it actually and what does it do for you. Our body naturally produces collagen which is a unique kind of protein so it’s nothing new to our body. As we age the body produces less collagen and that can give a dull looking skin and give less joint flexibility, so collagen deficiency can lead to several signs of ageing. Since it is a protein and in todays modern world where more and more people choose to go meat free, become vegan or vegetarian we also need to make sure the body gets enough of protein that we normally or in the old days would get from consuming lot’s of red meat. Taking this collagen peptide makes sure your body is getting its needed protein to keep you healthy as you age.

As you might have seen Vital Proteins adds online or on TV they have celebs like Jennifer Aniston promoting this collagen and even a collab with Poosh by Kourtney Kardashian – I will admit and say I love Jennifer and the Kardashians so to know that they also love this collagen definitely makes me know this stuff works otherwise these celeb women wouldn’t be using it. I started taking this collagen peptide last year just before the covid pandemic hit and its so great and easy to take. You can put it in more or less anything you either eat or drink, hot or cold. I love how this collagen powder just dissolves into anything and looks like it disappeared. I take it in my morning coffee and it even makes the coffee shine, now isn’t that an amazing way to start your day – shiny coffee and knowing you will have skin shining from within 🙂

So remember when it comes to ageing its all about what you do on a daily bases from both the inside out which is your food, drinks, vitamins and minerals to prevent ageing along with the outside treatment of your body such as skincare, body care, facials, masks, gym, sports and such activities + not to forget your mindset – that can also be old or young.

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