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Best Bedroom Plants

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Best Bedroom Plants

Now, this is a new topic I haven’t been talking to you about before and I just realised that I need to share this with you, in case you are not already aware of it or have heard about it before. Looking at having a healthy lifestyle also involves looking around your own home and every single room in your home. I think we all have heard its healthy to have some plants and flowers inside to give a good ambiance and promote a better indoor air especially during Fall and Winter time where we tend to be more inside due to the colder weather. Of course, it all depends on where you live on the planet but most of us are in a typical colder climate during the Winter months.

I wanted to touch up on this topic of our bedroom environment because most of us don’t really think too much about it. Our bedroom is mainly used to sleep so since we are not awake much in that room we have a tendency to forget how important the bedroom actually is for our wellbeing and the quality of the nights sleep we get. I have noticed myself since I started getting into this bedroom environment thing some years ago, that for me its really important my bedroom is a calm, quiet place with natural calm colours like white, off-white, beige and that is everything interior in my bedroom from furniture, lamps, curtains and bedsheets – it really calm me down and makes me relax much better. Especially the part of bedsheets not having strong colours or different mixtures with stripes etc. that is too much to look at when I need to unwind and relax before going to sleep. It may sound a bit strange but if you haven’t tried changing these things in your bedroom I can only recommend it – it really does make a difference. I know, I am sensitive in some ways but this does make quite a difference.

Second, when we sleep is when our skin rejuvenates itself and those 7-8 hours are the most important hours of the day. We don’t notice what is going on in and outside of our body while sleeping but the air quality is very important for optimal health and wellbeing. We all know sleeping isn’t just sleeping, some days we have great deep sleep and wake up fresh and can really feel we have had a good nights sleep and other days the sleep quality has been so bad with light sleep, waking up 2-3 times during the night or worst waking up 2 hours before the alarm goes off and laying there trying so hard to fall a sleep again but it’s just not happening and then when it’s finally time to get up you feel so tired and drained and just know, this day is going to be hard. I will admit, when it comes to sleep I’m like a little baby and so sensitive. If I don’t get my 8 hours of sleep I’m literally not feeling 100 percent like myself. I can even feel such a difference between sleeping 7 or 8 hours, just this one hour makes such a difference for my wellbeing it’s unbelievable. I know not everyone is like this but I have definitely realised over the years that sleep is so important for me and it makes such a difference in my overall health in my mind and body.

Coming back to the bedroom environment there are two plants that researches in health and wellbeing recommend and its also proven to make a difference are the aloe very and the snake plant. These two plants purifies the air and removes toxins while promoting a healthy and clean air over night. So while you are sound asleep all cuddled up you are breathing in clean and healthy air which is good for your mind, body and cells. I can even feel the difference in the air type, the air isn’t as hard in my nose and I don’t get congested like if I’m sleeping in a bedroom without any green plants. Then I wake up with the need to blow my nose and even sneezing more too. Best of all is these green healthy plants are not expensive and you can get them in most places all year round. They also tend to last quite long for me, they are so easy to take care of because they don’t need Sun or much water either. I just give my bedroom plants a little water every two to three weeks. So go out and get yourself two of these lovely green plants and give yourself the best and cleanest air to have a lovely sweet dreamy sleep in.

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