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Curling mascara black

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Curling mascara black

I don’t know about you but when I find a really good product I become extremely loyal to that one brand and product and will continue to use it for years. When it comes to mascara I have tried all the different brands from cheap to expensive to find the best mascara for me that would give me the exact result I wanted. I nailed it down to Voluminous 5*x from L’Oreal at a cheap price of DKK 99,00 ($16) and it was amazing giving me long voluminous lashes. I have used this exact mascara for 15 years and never had any plans on ever changing because I knew that no other mascara would work better for me.

This suddenly changed 2 years ago when I was introduced to this brand new curling mascara that was hitting the market for the first time. I was quite skeptical because in the back of my mind I knew this wouldn’t be better than my longtime favorite Voluminous 5*x from L’Oreal. There was so much fuss about this new mascara so I decided to give it a try, knowing I would of course return to my good old one I’ve been using for years.

I must admit, I was so surprised over this Nu Colour Curling mascara – it really does curl your lashes and make them look so amazing and long. I could not believe it because you put it on like any other mascara but the results are unbelievable better than any other mascara I have ever tried. And best of all, is that it lasts during workout and for me, it also lasts for two days. I have never before tried having a mascara lasting two days and waking up in the morning with beautiful lashes.

Now I know, you are not supposed to be sleeping with you make up and I don’t, I always clean my skin but when you are a bit lazy or tired due to travelling, having a long day and so on, I still find it amazing that this mascara can last two days.

Price wise it’s the double of my before favorite Voluminous 5*x by L’Oreal but still no more expensive than any other of the good brands out there. So, for me the money is definitely worth it because it’s money for the best value mascara on the market.

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