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Anti-Ageing Facial Device

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Anti-Ageing Facial Device

This little facial device is one of my absolute favorite and a weekly part of my own skin care rituals – the Galvanic Spa. Its also been chosen by industry professionals as the world’s number 1 at-home beauty device in both 2017 and 2018.

So, what does this device actually do for you and how does it work?

I like to call the Galvanic Spa my facial iron – because that is actually what it does, it smoothes your skin and diminishes wrinkles just like an iron does with your shirt 🙂 But, this treatment is done in only 15 minutes in the comfort of your own home and you do it yourself. Another part of what I love so much is that its done the natural way meaning no botox, no fillers and no needles needed! And its half price of botox or fillers which is even better for your pocket.

This anti-aging device is used together with two types of gels, first gel pull out purities in your skin and second gel treats the skin with anti-aging product while smoothing, firming and lifting your skin taking years of your face. The benefits are a more clear, healthy looking skin and keeping you look fresh and youthful and diminishing wrinkles and sagging skin. This treatment can be done between 1-3 times per week, I use it once every weekend as a part of my extra skin care ritual as I have more time available to spoil myself over the weekend.

I still remember the first time I tried using it thinking these rumors I had heard about it must have been some kind of selling joke but I thought the only way to prove wrong was to try it myself. But WOW… was I the one who was wrong. It was something I had never experienced before, afterwards it felt like I have given myself a facelift – at home in my bathroom my myself! I still remember the feeling around my nose especially, so firm and tight, I had never felt like that before.

I don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of botox and fillers and I’m 39 now and have still never had any of those chemicals pushed into my skin by a needle. I just love having this amazing little device at home and give myself a weekly facelift the natural way. It’s so easy because you don’t have to book a treatment weeks in advance and use time to commute to spa clinic and pay a lot of money for those facial treatments. So, this saves me both time and money but also gives me the freedom to use it whenever I feel like it.


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