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A little Wonder

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A little Wonder

I have mentioned this subject to you before about my own struggles with skin problems and how that actually got me into working with skin care. Having blemishes, unclear skin and acne for so many years is something so personal because it’s your face which everyone sees and you cannot hide it. I know for us women we can do a lot with make up but still, no matter how much make up you cannot cover it up completely. I have had so many times where I just wanted to stay home and not leave the house because its been too bad and I felt so embarrassed going out even if it was just a trip to the grocery store.

Over the years I have tried so many different acne products and tested out the different brands as well. I have spent hours and hours searching for the best products while still keeping them affordable because you end up spending a lot of money on all these products and testing them out to see which will work wonders on your skin. Some work better on some people and others have better results with other brands and for over a decade I was a huge fan of Ole Henriksen, our Danish Spa Guru with his shop on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. One thing I just didn’t like about his products was the price, they are quite pricy and it turns out to be quite an amount every month, so when I was introduced to this other American skin care brand with same product line but half the price I was sceptical and thought this other brand of products would have to give less results due to the cheaper price. To my big surprise that was not the case, it was the other way around – better results to half the price of acne products, so then I was hooked and said my final goodbyes to the products of Ole Henriksen. I am still today eight years later using the new brand of products and for me one of the good ones have been this little tupe here as shown in the picture.

Let me introduce you to our little wonder – Epoch Blemish Treatment, a clear light gel you easily smoothe over the areas on your facial skin where you have blemishes and it will slowly do its work. You can use it in the morning before putting on make up, if no make up you can even use it 2-3 times during the day or even put it on the spots in the evening before heading to bed and wake up in the morning seeing better results on your skin.

This blemish treatment has been formulated to soothe and clear pores. The Epoch Blemish Treatment combines proven ingredients known to reduce redness and clear up complexions making it ideal for all skin types, including sensitive. Here is a little tutorial on the usage; Cleanse the skin thoroughly. Apply over affected area in a thin layer, up to three times a day. If the skin dries out too much, reduce application to once a day, or every other day. The benefits you will get with this little wonder is Job’s Tears extract – used mainly in Asia in facial acne creams due to its softening, soothing and moisturising properties. It also contains Yarrow and Burdock extract – are both proven to be soothing and calming to the skin.

I always have a tube of this amazing little wonder and use it from time to time when I need a little help with a pimple and an area of a few blemishes which I so easily get from either drinking wine or eating chocolate, my two favourite things which I can only have in small portions since my skin is so sensitive to what I eat and drink. So, if you ever need a little more help with your skin you should definitely try out this little product.

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